3D Architectural Visualisation

How 3d Architectural Visualisation Helps the Building Process

Thanks to technology today, experienced architectural design firms like Pneu Architects have begun employing 3d architectural visualisation to their design processes, to give themselves, their vendors and their clients a better idea of what they are constructing. While the classic form of visualization architects have used for centuries has been the blueprint, this two dimensional drawing can sometimes yield design flaws that could have been solved if the architect could have simply walked through the room—before it was ever built.


Thanks to 3d architectural visualisation, this previous impossibility is now a reality. Talented designers can use software to build the structure on a computer and travel through it, seeing where design flaws may exist based on the building plans before the structure is ever built. This will inevitably find minor problems, if not major ones, and save the clients both time and money during the construction process before it ever begins.

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