Makan Place

Pacific Werribee


Completed 2015

Winner - People's Choice Award - Australian Timber Design Awards

Finalist - Interior Fitout Commercial - Australian Timber Design Awards


The Makan place restaurant interior design showcases how a traditional Malacca building typology can be infused with a modern Australian hospitality mantra of cordiality and hygiene.


Through the extensive deployment of recycled smoked timber as a visual indicator, the space is sub-divided into a vestibule; a courtyard and the main dining area sequentially, the vestibule signifies the old Malaccan sheltered walkway while introducing a warm ambience accentuated by the smoked Iron Bark wall cladding; the hardwood radiates a dark red to greenish hue which is the characteristic of the robust timber, while hairline-joint to be incorporated with large areas of glazing.


The vestibule leads to the main seating area, it is continuously back-dropped by Tasmanian oak lining board of light brown to creamy hue; the timber humanizes the dining environment and imparts a sense of hygiene through its clean finish.


The central courtyard is defined by vestibule timber posts of Cypress pine, the off-the-mill timber was roughly sawn and the surface being grinded and varnished three times to give off a weathered appearance, the 150mm square posts are then capped and lifted off the ground by thin square steel sections to visually elevate the space and creates tension within a balanced setting.

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