What we stand for


Every design is specific to the site and program. The architecture, similar to the aerial root is always seeking and underpinning distillation of the complex to achieve simpler and will be demonstrated by the distinctive individual components and the unifying wholeness. Strong design aesthetics and experience are our focal point. Our distinctive aesthetics & experience constantly challenging the built form against its sensitive context & brief, as well as respecting its environment in order to create good architecture.


At PNEU Architects, we implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) on our interior and architectural projects. This method helps our team to deliver the most complex project by utilizing an integrated 3D virtual building methodology for design, documentation and construction stages. BIM provides more elevated and multi-varied vantage point, which allows us to better compile and manage useful data, analyze that data to make the better and quantifiable design that is innovative, challenging, holistic and sustainable. This process will also enable us to prototype our built environments virtually and test that prototype before it is physically built. While the design can be innovative, its outcome can be predicted and understood, thus our client and builders understand what the outcome of the design should be and can quantify and measure that design before construction and verify that the constructed environment meets the criteria set in the virtual prototype.

PNEU Architects brings to every design brief a fresh perspective through fully understanding the needs and expectation of our client; through brainstorming to synthesize such needs into rich architectural solutions.

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