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Paisley Poultry





Timber, Steel, Porcelain Tiles, Butchery


The design of Paisley Poultry is to provide a clean space to sell meat, while introducing natural elements for comfort and warmth as opposed to the cold interior temperature. The interior walls of Paisley Poultry is flooded with white, in which the walls are painted and clad in white-water tiles to provide subtle reflections and hygenicise the space. On the other hand, suspended planter boxes made of gumwood have plants in them, add an element of nature as opposed to the cold tiles. Similarly, the display counter is also cladded with timber. This allows customers to visually perceive the butcher shop as a warm and welcoming place, instead of a stone cold, and unsterile butchery. Therefore, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction and increase in sales.

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