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Track 101



Chadstone SC


WIP 2018


Concrete, Steel, Glass, Expressionism


The foundation of the design of Track 101 is grounded on the grasp of emotion for the individuals who leave their hometowns, relocating to the unfamiliar cities to battle for their paths in life. The fast-paced urban environment, city congestion, noise pollution and exhaustion from work are the furthermost typical issues that city dwellers would be fronting in their everyday lives. At times of feeling lost and insecure, individuals are often reminiscent of the scene of their hometown. They recall the carefree childhood with game time; some of them chase across the railway; some of swung with their besties. At home, the taste of home-cooked food would be unforgettable and heartwarming. As the one to leave home and fight for a better life, these people hope to recollect the breath of cheerfulness, gathering up their courage to deal with everyday complications again.

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