Regardless of your home is an architecturally designed masterpiece from the outside, bad interior design can make it an uncomfortable place to live in. So much of the value of a good home is found in it’s overall comfort and livability, which is often a direct result of how it is designed and decorated.


Now for those who have just purchased a home in Dockland, Victoria, Australia and have gone through the stressful weeks of making an offer, getting it accepted, having inspections and reading escrow paperwork, paying more money to come in and do interior design on a home is often not very appealing. However, with a little bit more money up front right after the home is purchased, the home will be that much better once you’re settled in and retain much more value on the market in the future.


For those who need quality interior design from a team with years of experience in interior design, look no further than PNEU Architects, who not only design interiors but design whole homes from scratch.